Friday, 20 January 2017

When Donald Trump Decided to Repaint the White house

When Donald Trump decided to repaint the white house

Dear puzzle online lover,
The importance of laughter cannot be over emphasized. While you are building your IQ, we have also decided to ensure we give you an equivalent dosage of pure laughter. Have fun! Let us start off with this one that was sent to me by a friend:


Donald trump wants to repaint the white house..  He therefore called for quotations.. A Chinese guy quoted 3 millions..  A European guy quoted 7 millions.. While A  Nigerian guy quoted 10 millions..  
Trump asked the chinese guy.." did you arrive at the quote of 3 millions..?"  Chinese guy replied ..  "..1 million for paint 1 million for labour 1 million profit.."  Trump asked the european guy same question.. He ..".. 3 million for paint 2 million for labour 2 million profit..   

Finally, Trump asked the Nigerian guy thesame question.. He replied..      .."..4 million for you.. 3 million for me.. ..  .. and we will give 3 million to the chinese guy and ask him to paint..!!"  😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.
When Donald Trump decided to repaint the white house

Who do you think will get the contract and why? Have fun and share with all your contacts to get their funny answers

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