Monday, 30 January 2017

Brain Training Puzzle Games Monday006 Series

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Dear puzzles online lover,
If i say thank God it is Monday will i get any favourable response from you? lol! I understand that you might not love Mondays, but we also know that Mondays are necessary for the productive activities that keeps the whole world working. You want products and services right? these services and products must be delivered to you by people who go to work so that they become possible........bottom line is let us all learn to love Mondays cos it helps to keep the world working. Imagine how you will feel if the bank did not open today because its workers do not love Mondays or maybe the super markets were all shut cos the workers hate Mondays.

Puzzlesplanet is also here to give you another reason to smile on  a Monday! This is because every Monday we have a fresh release of puzzles that will help you have fun and stay mentally fit. Let us walk into the IQ gym as we take on brain training puzzle games Monday 006 series

Brain Training Puzzle Games Monday006 Series

We are still on the word unscramble series and brain training puzzle games monday006 series presents us with the following letters to unscramble:

1.  A C E N R S T Y

2.  A B C E H M R

3.  E L P P S U

4.  A A C C D E L O

5.  A A G N O P R

Hope you were able to stay mentally fit and had fun with those fun questions from the brain training puzzle games Monday006 series....cheers and see you on Thursday when we present Thursday006 puzzles online

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