Saturday, 31 December 2016

Puzzles Planet Saturday001 Workout Quiz

Puzzle for 8 persons at a table_puzzlesplanet

And yes,
It is weekend again, that period of the week when the 8am to 4pm(or even 6pm workers) feel like they just got a presidential pardon from kirikiri prison😁. Puzzles planet wishes you all the very best of the weekend. Most importantly, we wish you a very happy new year filled with joy and fufilment of all the good things that your heart desires. Happy new year new year 2017. The 2016 you see today, you shall see no more and the glory of 2017 shall over shadow any shame, failure and disappointment of 2016! Amen

As you hit the gym to stay physically fit, puzzles planet wants you to hit our mental gym for free so that you can stay mentally fit for 2017! Make it part of your routine to get our free brain training puzzles every Monday, Thursday and Saturday......This should even be part of your new year resolution not to miss any of our FREE BRAIN TRAINING PUZZLES. HIT THE MENTAL GYM WITH TODAY'S FREE BRAIN TRAINING PUZZLE BELOW:


On  the  day  before  the  spacecraft  was  to  return  to Earth,  the  Martians  held  a  dinner  party  for  the  crew.  In all  there  were  eight  at  the  table:  Aken,  Bal,  Mun,  Mark, Wora,  Jones,  Rider  and  Smith. 

a.  One  was  a  history  buff. 

b.  One  was  a  whiz  at  math. 

c.  One  was  very  tall. 

d.  One  was  Aken's  friend. 

e.  One  had  yellow  feathers. 

f.  One  was  a  pilot. 

g.  One  was  a  rock  collector. 

h.  One  spoke  a  number  of  languages.

 1.  The  person  who  was  Aken's  friend  sat  directly opposite  Mark. 

2.  Wora  sat  between  the  math  whiz  and  Aken's friend. 

3.  The  tall  one  sat  opposite  Wora,  with  Aken  to  her left. 

4.  Smith,  who  had  no  real  friends  among  the  group, sat  to  the  right  of  Mun  who  towered  over  the  rest of  the  group. 

5.  The  one  who  had  yellow  feathers  sat  opposite  Bal, between  Mun  and  the  one  who  spoke  a  number  of languages. 

6.  Jones  was  to  the  right  of  the  rock  collector  and opposite  the  pilot  who  was  next  to  Rider. 

Who  was  Aken's  friend? 

Free brain training puzzles from puzzles planet

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Puzzles Planet Thursday 001 Brain Training Puzzle

Puzzles Planet Thursday 001 Brain Training Puzzle

Dear puzzles planet fan,
Trust you are having a great Thursday. Today is Thursday and we roll out the first Thursday series of puzzles today. In other words, today we present to you Thursday 001 free brain training puzzles. Today's puzzle is a single simple question. We want you to have fun doing it. Here it comes:

Puzzles planet free brain training puzzles Thursday 001

Harassed  during  important  experiments,  three  Earthlings  were  taking  three  law-breaking  Grundi  to  the  authorities.  Suddenly  they  heard  the  thunderous  roar  of  a rockfall,  and  they  knew  they  were  facing  sure  death unless  they  crossed  to  the  other  side  of  the  canal.  The portable  watercraft  they  carried  with  them  would  hold only  two  passengers,  regardless  of  weight.  At  no  time could  there  be  more  Grundi  on  either  side  of  the  water than  Earthlings  or  the  Grundi  would  overpower  the Earthlings.  How  could  they  all  cross  the  water  safely? 

Rather simple right? Solve it and see you on the other side!

Monday, 26 December 2016

Monday 001 Puzzles From Puzzles Planet. Seasons Greetings edition

Seasons greetings from puzzles planet puzzles

Dear Puzzles Planet fan,
We are so happy to have you here! It is the time of celebration. As you celebrate today, may you have even more reasons and resources to celeberate tomorrow and always! The year 2017 shall be the year of Celebration of success in your life. Seasons greetings from all of us at puzzles planet.

Today we present to you puzzles planet Monday 001 puzzles. The brain works all the time as long as you are alive. It is therefore compulsory that we train it to work better because whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, the brain must work! Let us train it to become better! Keep your answers to the puzzles coming; we appreciate them all:

Frogs on lilipad puzzles planet puzzles
Question number 1 might as well be the most important question for all of us. This is because it reveals something about our Brain and how to achieve our goals instead of just setting them! Care to know? Ask in the comment box below and let us discuss it. But for now, here is the puzzle:

Six frogs are sitting on a lilipad. One of the frogs decides to jump. How many frogs are left on the lilipad?
In five minutes, how many words can you make out of the word CRAZED (any number of words allowed)

Bob paddling his canoe puzzles planet

Bob was paddling his canoe upstream at a constant rate. After six miles, the wind blew his hat into the stream. Thinking that he had no chance to recover his hat, he continued upstream for six more miles before turning back. He continued rowing at the same rate on his return trip and overtook his hat at exactly the same spot where he began his journey, eight hours earlier. What was the velocity of the stream?

Unscramble the following:
At a convention of baseball trading card collectors, 30 dealers are interested in trading or selling their extra Mickey Mantle cards. Fifteen of the dealers have fewer than five such cards to trade, 11 others have more than six of them to trade, and three others have more than seven to sell or trade. What is the total number of dealers that have five, six, or seven Mickey Mantle cards?

Have a great day and keep enjoying the season! After all, it comes only once in a year and it is not easy to have come this far!
Seasons greetings from puzzles planet puzzles

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Thursday 001 Brain Workout Quiz from Puzzles Planet

Puzzles planet puzzles for Thursday 001

Dear puzzles planet fan,
A very happy Thursday to you. Trust you are having a pleasant time as we coast through the yuletide together. As you should know, we at puzzles planet are working hard to ensure that we keep your brain fit and properly exercised. Training your brain and keeping you mentally fit and  alert is our responsibility. We enjoy doing it and it is our earnest desire that you should find pleasure in it as you get involved.


To ensure that you get your recommended daily allowance(RDA) of puzzles and mental exercises, we are putting up a regular schedule for posting puzzles on puzzles planet. Effective today, we are now posting new puzzles every MONDAY, THURSDAY AND SATURDAY. This is to ensure that you never get mentally malnourished due to lack of puzzles to keep your brain busy. There is always something new in the offing. No brain cell of yours will ever atrophy again!

Today's puzzle is tagged Thursday 001, next Thursday shall be Thursday 002, etc. Similarly, the first set of Saturday puzzles shall be tagged Saturday 001, then Saturday 002, etc. Also, Monday 001, Monday 002, Monday 003, etc. This provides an easy reference for you and for us.

We shall be introducing a reward scheme soon! Keep exercising your brain and stay mentally fit. Let us start with the puzzles for today: puzzles planet Thursday 001


1. A box of candy can be divided equally among three, five, or thirteen people. What is the smallest number of pieces of candy the box can contain?

2. What 9-letter word is written in the block below? Start with any letter and move one letter at a time, in any direction but don't go back over any letter!




3. The six words listed here share a common trait. What is it?


4. Unscramble these letters to make a word


Have fun solving the puzzles and keep your answers coming as comments. Note, once we perfect our reward system, we shall be rewarding the answers!

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Puzzles planet new Riddle for Saturday 10th December, 2016

Dear reader,
Happy Saturday to you and hope your weekend is going on well? While the re-run elections are heating up the polity in Rivers State, we at puzzles planet believe you can exercise your brain, even as you are expected to exercise your constitutional right to vote at the polls (For those in Rivers State).
This is an unusually long weekend, as apart from the restricted movement for today being Saturday, Monday is also public Holiday. It is therefore clear that you have all the time you need to solve this simple riddle from PUZLES PLANET.. Have fun with it:
Riddle for Saturday 10th December 2016 from puzzlesplanet
Someone called me on the phone,” explains Jack, “and when I asked with whom I was speaking,the person calling was surprised I didn't recognize the voice, since the mother-in-law of his mother is my mother. I didn't believe what the caller was saying, since I have no siblings.” What is the relationship between Jack and the caller?

That is Today's puzzle friends from puzzle's planet! Get your piece of paper, pencil/pen ans start excerciaing your brain. That ia what we know how to do on puzzles planet!

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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Puzzles Planet is Back! Try our Quiz for Today!

Dear Reader,
We have been out for a while and we sincerely apologize for that. The most important thing is that puzlesplanet is back! Yes puzzles planet is back and better and we will ensure that you get your Puzzles, Cross words, Quizzes, Aptitude tests, Intelligent games, etc at least three tines every week. And that is a promise. Ensure to come back to check on us regularly so that you can excercise your mental muscles.
The mental muscles must be exercised lest they atrophy. We don't want that to happen and that is why we are here. Come have fun with us. We will be lonely without you.
And for today, have a look at our puzzles planet questions for today and do well to drop your answers. Lets learn together!
Puzzles planet test questions 5_12_2016
And when you are done with that, here is the second question: 2
Puzzles planet test questions 5_12_2016

And this is the last question for puzzles planet today:3
Puzzles planet test questions 5_12_2016
That is it for today. Do well to drop your answers as comments and share with your friends. Let us together grow our mental muscles