Monday, 23 January 2017

New Year Brain Training Exercise Games Monday005 Series

Sweets for new year brain exercise games Monday 005 series

Dear puzzles online lover,
Puzzlesplanet believes you had a very wonderful weekend and we welcome you to the new week. It is our earnest desire that your new week will be a very sweet one and that is why we decided to provide for you a puzzle based on sweets.


The Monday 005 series is based on sweets and we want you to have fun doing it! Let us do this sweet heart:

Sanjev and Susan eat the rest of Jack's sweets, after he had enjoyed 3/8 of them

Susan eats 200% more than Sanjev, who only had 15 sweets.

How many sweets did Jack eat?

Hope we kept our promise of keeping today's brain exercise game sweet, simple and short. Hope you had fun too! Do well to share to friends, family and the way, what are friends for but to share sweet things?

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