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Puzzles Planet Saturday001 Workout Quiz

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And yes,
It is weekend again, that period of the week when the 8am to 4pm(or even 6pm workers) feel like they just got a presidential pardon from kirikiri prison😁. Puzzles planet wishes you all the very best of the weekend. Most importantly, we wish you a very happy new year filled with joy and fufilment of all the good things that your heart desires. Happy new year new year 2017. The 2016 you see today, you shall see no more and the glory of 2017 shall over shadow any shame, failure and disappointment of 2016! Amen

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On  the  day  before  the  spacecraft  was  to  return  to Earth,  the  Martians  held  a  dinner  party  for  the  crew.  In all  there  were  eight  at  the  table:  Aken,  Bal,  Mun,  Mark, Wora,  Jones,  Rider  and  Smith. 

a.  One  was  a  history  buff. 

b.  One  was  a  whiz  at  math. 

c.  One  was  very  tall. 

d.  One  was  Aken's  friend. 

e.  One  had  yellow  feathers. 

f.  One  was  a  pilot. 

g.  One  was  a  rock  collector. 

h.  One  spoke  a  number  of  languages.

 1.  The  person  who  was  Aken's  friend  sat  directly opposite  Mark. 

2.  Wora  sat  between  the  math  whiz  and  Aken's friend. 

3.  The  tall  one  sat  opposite  Wora,  with  Aken  to  her left. 

4.  Smith,  who  had  no  real  friends  among  the  group, sat  to  the  right  of  Mun  who  towered  over  the  rest of  the  group. 

5.  The  one  who  had  yellow  feathers  sat  opposite  Bal, between  Mun  and  the  one  who  spoke  a  number  of languages. 

6.  Jones  was  to  the  right  of  the  rock  collector  and opposite  the  pilot  who  was  next  to  Rider. 

Who  was  Aken's  friend? 

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