Saturday, 10 December 2016

Puzzles planet new Riddle for Saturday 10th December, 2016

Dear reader,
Happy Saturday to you and hope your weekend is going on well? While the re-run elections are heating up the polity in Rivers State, we at puzzles planet believe you can exercise your brain, even as you are expected to exercise your constitutional right to vote at the polls (For those in Rivers State).
This is an unusually long weekend, as apart from the restricted movement for today being Saturday, Monday is also public Holiday. It is therefore clear that you have all the time you need to solve this simple riddle from PUZLES PLANET.. Have fun with it:
Riddle for Saturday 10th December 2016 from puzzlesplanet
Someone called me on the phone,” explains Jack, “and when I asked with whom I was speaking,the person calling was surprised I didn't recognize the voice, since the mother-in-law of his mother is my mother. I didn't believe what the caller was saying, since I have no siblings.” What is the relationship between Jack and the caller?

That is Today's puzzle friends from puzzle's planet! Get your piece of paper, pencil/pen ans start excerciaing your brain. That ia what we know how to do on puzzles planet!

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